What changes can we expect to see in SEO in 2019?

Search engine optimisation isn’t going anywhere in 2019. The focus on mobile optimising remains a must for websites but there are some things that might come as a surprise in 2019 for affecting your performance.

One new aspect that could be making an impact this year is the importance of voice search in rankings.

Another big impact could be the increasing role of Amazon when performing searches. It’s surprising to learn that more than 50% of consumers begin their searches from products found on Amazon and not Google. This is a sizable shift, so the role of Amazon search cannot be overlooked. Could Amazon become the new Google?

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What else can we expect to see this year?

It is expected that the role of artificial intelligence will change and will increasingly become the way that search engines scout websites, judging whether your site contains quality, informative content. Those who specialise in SEO will need to become more knowledgeable about the way machines learn and the role of automation.

Virtual and augmented reality aren’t expected to have a huge impact on SEO but the search engine results pages are expected to become increasingly personalised, considering things like a user’s search history, location, gender and interests. With this in mind, the way we currently use keywords will need to be rethought.

Specialists are expecting to see more penalisation of websites that take more than 2 seconds to load. Keywords might start to become less important, with key phrases becoming more important for searches carried out on mobile and voice searches.

Security will remain hugely important, along with performance. Users must feel safe and confident to enter your site free from the risk of viruses and hacking threats.

One big trend that is on the horizon is the increasing focus on user experience. Sites will likely be ranked on user satisfaction in a way they have not been previously. Google is concentrating a great deal on providing personalised search results and as such, will want to monitor how satisfied a user feels with the sites visited following Google’s recommendations. For help with your website, consider Professional SEO services London from elevateuk.com.

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So, if you want to know what to focus on this year for your website, it should be making the user experience the very best it can be. From faster loading times, to easy navigation and quality, engaging content – all these factors will help prevent users from clicking the back button and heading straight to your competitor’s site instead!

Technology is marching on and with it, improvements to the way we search, the way we optimise and what our sites will be ranked for by Google.

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