Outdoor Play for Children Has Numerous Benefits

Research has shown us repeatedly that children enjoy a wide variety of benefits when they spend enough time playing outside. The list of benefits is constantly increasing, and people are beginning to realise how important outdoor play can be, as well as starting to see the world as a large, outdoor playground for children.

There is so many options for children and outdoor play and one place that is equip for many ages along with creativity and fun isĀ Go Ape.

Whether your child spends time outside around their home, or at school, being outdoors is an important part of their growth, their education, and developing their personality. This makes it vitally important to provide them with the time to explore outside. Children experience numerous benefits when they spend enough time outdoors:

Boost Curiosity and Creativity

Children find they amazed and entertained by even tiny things and they can find inspiration almost anywhere they look. This means that being outside will promote their creativity, whether it’s playing outside in the sand during the summer months or jumping into piles of leaves in the fall – there’s constant stimulation to help enhance the creativity of future generations. Open outdoor spaces with no specific guidelines mean that children can explore with their minds and play in any way that their curiosity leads them.

Social Skills Improve

Social skills are incredibly important as children develop, helping to create elements of their personality. Socialising in a variety of environments can help them learn more about numerous situations when challenges might appear. Children who are learning to take turns on playground equipment, to play following safety rules, and to watch out for their friends are also learning new social skills, and how to get by without immediate adult supervision. They will also experience numerous opportunities to meet new people at the playground at the beach, allowing them to enhance their social skills.

Develop New Perspectives

Wide outdoor spaces help children develop confidence, as they learn how to explore while overcoming fear. Learning about open outdoor spaces, observing the changing of the seasons, and exploring different terrains will help children learn to view things from different perspectives and learn about the world around them.

Develop Muscles

Playing outdoors isn’t just good for a child’s cognitive growth, it also helps them grow and develop their bodies. Learning to climb, run, and jump and more can help them to grow healthy and strong, strengthening their muscles as they play outside. This can help boost their adaptability to different situations while growing stronger and fit. It’s often easier for adults to help children to be more active when they are outside than when they are inside, and this can help lower the risk of obesity.

Doing something easy as if going for a thirty-minute walk can help the children strengthen their muscles, boost their stamina, and help them enjoy the great outdoors as they develop a variety of motor skills.

Refine Motor Skills

When children play outside, they have numerous toys and items to play with, so they can build both fine and gross motor skills as they enjoy the outdoors. Whether they’re creating sandcastles or running races, all of the activities they’re enjoying will help them build motor skills in a variety of ways. In the first several years of a child’s development, it’s extremely important that they have numerous chances to interact with a variety of objects and have experiences that help them develop their skills.

Boost Your Happiness

It’s scientifically proven that being outside makes humans happier. Vitamin D from sunshine, outdoor air, and seeing the natural beauty around us helps boost our mood and fight depression. Children can also release their own frustrations in a positive manner as they run and play, so they may sleep deeper and night and be in a better mood overall. Enjoying time outdoors can help children work out things that are bothering them through the day, so that they are able to let these issues go and rest once they’re home and ready for bed. Overall, time outdoors is an excellent mood enhancer.

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