How Do You Increase the Value of Your Home Before Marketing?

The tips in this article will help you increase the value of your property before you put it on the market and help you attract potential buyers. Here are tips for increasing the value of your home:

The Target Market

The first thing is to research your target market. You should know about the type of buyer interested in your home with a little online research. In fact, doing a lot of work on your property won’t add value to it until you know the type of buyer is interested in your home. Once you know this, you get a clear idea of what type of alterations you need to do to attract the prospective buyer.

Exteriors of the Home

The first impression is important when selling your property. How presentable is the exterior of your home? The exterior of your property should be easy on the eye of the buyer. Are the windows cleaned, gutters cleared, and the grass and hedges trimmed? This is known as the “Kerb Appeal” or how well the property appears from the road. If you plan to freshen up the front door, bold colours should be on your mind. In fact, according to “Country Living,” 2019 is the year of bold-coloured doors – purple being the most popular colour. You may research the local area to see how your neighbours have prepared their homes and even consider architectural CGI for better representation in pictures.

The Hallway Is Important

Many homeowners forget to dress up the hallway when selling the property. The hallway is cramped for space with shoes, coats, and other junk blocking the area. Remember that the hallway is the first space that the buyer sees on entering your property. Hence, it holds more importance than most homeowners think. The hallway should have pale-coloured paint to maximise the light. Put up a mirror to give the illusion of more space. Place the shoes and coats in discreet storage spaces to limit the amount of visible clutter in your hallway.

Loft Conversions

Converting a loft is one of the best ways to add more space to your home. Work with a professional surveyor or architect and abide by the building codes and regulations in the area when doing so. The research shows that a loft conversion can add an average of 12.5% into the selling price of your property. You may consider adding a bathroom and a master bedroom which will definitely add more value to your property.

Wasted Assets

Do you have a spare room full of junk, a garage never used or an unnecessary wall? You should turn your wasted space into selling points by transforming them. The cluttered spare room can be transformed into a snug. The unused garage space can be transformed into a home office. If the wall isn’t load-bearing, it can be knocked down to create more space. None of these are expensive tasks. In fact, they can add a lot of value to your home.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

The National Association for Estate Agents state that in case you have money to renovate only one room in your house, that room should be the kitchen. In fact, the kitchen is a key area and the buyer will always look closely at the kitchen when buying a property. In case you plan to upgrade the kitchen, consider painting or replacing the cabinet doors or even the handles. Declutter the worktops and ensure that it is clean and tidy. If you don’t plan to replace any fixtures in the bathroom, replace the old taps with new ones. Freshen up the grout and add some colour.

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