How Amazon are boosting their robotic workforce

Amazon Robotics seems to be heading straight into the future with its newest innovation of a robotic workforce. With more than 100,000 orange robots gliding along the floors of Amazon warehouses across the world, their robotic workforce is having a huge boost.

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Once each robot has been given the all-clear, 38 robots group together on pallets and are shipped off to one of the 25 Amazon warehouses currently using automatons. This process is being referred to by staff as the graduation ceremony, and it’s happening several times a day.

These robots are proving that the relationship between humans and their tools is definitely growing. We’re now at the point where robots are so low-cost that they can be finally be useful.

The poster child for automation

Not only are the orange warehouse robots from Amazon boosting their robotic workforce, but their machine-learning software lets the company predict how their customers are going to behave. In the Amazon retail stores, the need for cashiers is becoming a thing of the past with sensor technology. Amazon is also working on having drones deliver items to people’s homes.

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Do robotics solve everything?

While the new robotic workforce does make jobs like heavy lifting from shelves obsolete, the things they are lifting and being shipped on remain. Pallets are used to ship these robots; for pallet racking Ireland, visit sites like

Automation hasn’t slowed down Amazon’s appetite for employing people. Over the last year, their workforce has grown by a whopping 42%. It’s hard to say in terms of Amazon how many of the jobs are being taken over by the robotic workforce. Inversely, many new positions will have been created to handle this new feature of Amazon’s massive empire.

It’s said that these robots have brought 50% more storage efficiency in the warehouses, meaning more items are contained in a smaller space. The robots bring the empty shelves out of the warehouse, where someone loads them up with items that arrive at the distribution centre.

This interaction with a robotic workforce is clearly paving the way to a very exciting future for Amazon. With more warehouses set to employ the pallet stacking robots in the next few years, we will see the automatons take over Amazon operations more and more.

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